A new future for the construction industry

Growing global population and technological advancement amid a shortage of bricklayers led to the development of FBR's revolutionary bricklaying robot, Hadrian X.
Like it's namesake, Hadrian X represents an astounding feat of engineering and a turning point in global construction capabilities and practices.

Hadrian X Base

Hadrian X is a unique construction robot mounted into a classic cab over engine truck to easily transport it to and from a location for on-site building.

The robot component could also be mounted onto other bases such as tracks, barges, boats and cranes to bring this unique capability to a range of environments.

The core technology


Dynamic Stabilisation Technology

Pinpoint accuracy

Using FBR's Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST™), Hadrian X measures movement caused by wind, vibration and inertia and counteracts it in real-time using advanced algorithms to provide unprecedented precision.

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Intelligent control system

The brains behind the robot

The unique control system uses CAD (computer-aided design) to create a 3D model of the building design, which is then used to calculate the materials list and tell Hadrian X what to build — all with precision.


Fastbrick Wall System

Uniquely designed blocks and adhesive for continuous construction

The Fastbrick Wall System uses optimised blocks specifically designed for Hadrian X. They are approximately 12 times bigger than standard house bricks and are lighter, stronger and designed to minimise waste.

The blocks are fused together using a special adhesive, which bonds in just 45 minutes, holds stronger and results in greater thermal and acoustic properties than traditional mortar. No more lost days waiting for mortar to dry.


  • 15 times faster
  • Build the walls of a house in one day


  • 70% more efficient
  • Maintain accuracy over distance


  • Safer jobs for people
  • Safer working environments


  • Just 10m3 of waste
  • Moving toward zero waste construction


  • Costs X% less to build
  • Significant cost savings

Hadrian X Roadmap


  • 2016

  • Hadrian 105 builds the world's first multi-room block structure from a 3D CAD model with no human intervention, providing proof of concept for what will become Hadrian X. Read more


  • 2017

  • We sign an agreement with Caterpillar to collaborate on our robotic bricklaying technology. Read more
  • We also sign an agreement with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a potential opportunity to build 50,000 new homes with Hadrian X. Read more


  • May 2018

  • Mechanical completion of the first Hadrian X.
  • Q3 2018

  • DST™ completes testing to prove its application in Hadrian X and other product solutions.
  • Fastbrick Wall System completes testing.
  • Q4 2018

  • Hadrian X builds a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom structure (known as Build1) outdoors.

In collaboration with

  • CAT
  • Curtin University
  • EY
  • Newcastle University
  • Archistruct
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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